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What to Wear to Prom: The Ultimate Style Guide

As your high school years draw to a close, the opportunity arises to get suited and booted for a momentous occasion - prom night.

A formal celebration of school achievements, new friendships and surviving homework (as well as the odd detention), it’s important to know what to wear to prom

But, where do you start shopping for prom suits

Not only are there (what seems like) endless suit options available, there are various fits, styles, colours and accessories to contemplate. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favourite fashion tips, suit options and prom outfits for guys to ensure you look sharp and sophisticated in 2019.

Show some black tie sophistication

It’s important to remember that proms are formal occasions – so jeans and a t-shirt are definitely a no-no!

First things first, check the invitation. The clue to the dress code might be right under your nose as most invites tend to give a clothing style preference, whether black tie or optional.

Black tie means that a smart dinner jacket or traditional tuxedo should be worn with a crisp, white dress shirt and bow tie. This might seem like the full works - especially if you aren’t used to wearing such a classic look on a regular basis - but a sleek dinner suit will ensure you arrive with a flourish.

For those who want a first-class look, pair your skinny, slim or modern-fit suit with a coordinating bow tie, pocket square and cufflinks. You could even go the whole hog with braces and Cummerbund too!

Try a contemporary design

We understand that prom is a special event that you’ve probably looked forward to for most of your high-school years – so why not stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons?

It’s not always the best idea to follow passing trends head-to-toe, (it may be hard to believe that your dad’s ruffled shirt and extravagant mullet were once popular in the ‘80s) but if you want to show you’ve got your finger on the fashion pulse, a modern suit style could be a winner.

Find inspiration galore from red-carpet celebrity looks and high-class Instagram outfits to discover your style. Try a double-breasted jacket or a suit in a subtle check print to show a non-traditional side with a twist

Stick to your personal style

Just because you’re required to wear a suit, who says you have to blend in? Don’t sacrifice your personal style when it comes to suit shopping.

If you want to break the rules (but stay within reasonable boundaries), experiment with brightly-coloured three-piece suits, glittery and velvet fabrics or quirky prints to let your signature style shine through.

When you’re mulling over what to wear to prom, you may want to consider changing up your shirt colour or jacket length, along with the accessories you wear with your outfit - you could try a bright-pink bow tie or some unique cufflinks to add a dash of personality.