British style
Since 1884

In 1880, Lewis Tomalin, Robert Sankey and Ferinand Heinrich Ihlee founded Dr Jaeger's Sanitary Woollen System Co. Ltd.

Embracing the theory behind Dr. Gustav Jaeger's book of using animal hair in clothing; Tomalin, Sankey and Ihlee began producing woollen garments.

Jaeger was awarded the gold medal at the International Health Exhibition.

In 1885, Jaeger opened its first retail store on Princes Street, West London - shortly followed by Australia in 1890.

Our Legacy

By 1900, Jaeger had expanded at an unimaginable speed, with the company having opened twenty UK stores, and in 1940 its first retail branches opened in Canada.

1908 - Jaeger started to use woven camel hair as a fibre for clothing - the Camel Coat is an icon of the company, even to this day.

Ernest Shackleton chose Jaeger to clothe him for his expeditions from 1907 to 1909, and by 1910 it had gained a Royal Warrant for supplying horse clothing for King Edward VII’s stables.

1930 - Jaeger had gained such a prestigious reputation that it was the first independent retailer to operate in Selfridges. This was helped by its collection of beautiful tailored clothes, coats and knitwear made from luxurious fibres

1935 - Jaeger opened its flagship Regent Street store.

1950 - Jaeger developed washable synthetic fibres and incorporated these into particular pieces, including their sportswear ranges and fashion lines. The same year, Marilyn Monroe wore Jaeger.

1984 - to celebrate its centenary year, Jaeger paraded camels down Regent Street - marking its anniversary with a parade of one of its most iconic pieces of clothing.

London Fashion Week

2008 - Jaeger showcased its collection at London fashion week, allowing the brand to reveal the collection inspired by its rich heritage of impeccable tailoring, strong patterns and luxurious materials.